Upcoming Plans

Our plans for 2024.

Here we outline our plans, mainly to make catching up with friends around the globe easier to plan, by letting you know when we’ll most likely be where. Some of the plans are fixed because of events, others remain flexible to a point. This section will get updated as plans take shape or change.

January – Mostly Gent, Belgium.

The month of New Year’s reception and more catching up and spending time with friends. Stephen leaves on the 23rd (because Molly needs some time in the shop mainly to update the brakes), Caroline the 28th.

Tickets to ‘The Nutcracker’ on Jan 6th and ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ on Jan 25, both in Gent. ‘Sisters’ got cancelled after we’d waited for over an hour, due to ‘illness’ of the singer…. yeah right.

February – March: Havelock North, NZ.
End March – April – May: USA – Canada.

We picked up Molly in Edmonds, WA. Caught up with friends in WA and OR.

We are now heading towards Comfort, TX, for the total solar eclipse on April 8. Stops en route: Red Canyon, UT (March 28), Capitol Reef NP, UT (March 29&30), Albuquerque, NM (1 and/or 2 April), planning to arrive in Comfort, TX on April 6 or 7.

Apr 8: Total solar eclipse – Comfort,TX, USA.

Most likely will head to Big Bend Nat’l Park after the eclipse; no fixed plans yet. Might attend Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ (May 17-20)… anyone else going there?

We are flying out of Sioux Falls, SD, to Belgium on May 28

June – July – August: Gent, Belgium.

Stephen has enrolled in a Dutch course in Gent for the month of June. And hopes to return to Norway in the first two weeks of July to walk another trail there. And again in August.

Caroline has booked a walking trip in Scotland: The Rob Roy Way – Jun 8-22.

We have tickets for Gent Jazz on July 6th, 14th and 18th.

September – October – early November: exploring the US in Molly.

Considering a trip to Ibiza end September, begin October. Anyone interested?

November – December:

It’s looking like Christmas and NY’s in Havelock North.