0010  Beach at sunset 0020  We stayed at the Blue Parrot Inn where we promptly paid a visit to the bar with swingchairs 0030  View from our room at the Blue Parrot Inn 0040  Relaxing in the hammock on the balcony 0050  Beach from reception 0060  Casa del Cenote
0070 0080  Beach and Plataforma del Caracol 0090  El Castillo - south side 0100  view with El Castillo at the back 0110  Our beach 0120  Our rather comfortable hut
0130  We have the whole beach to ourselves 0140  Juego de Pelota - 'ballgame' 0150  Approaching Nohoch Mul through the birch trees 0160  Nohoch Mul or Great Pyramid 0170  Naturally Stephen went up Nohoch Mul 0180  View from Nohoch Mul
0190  Hotel lobby. This hotel is right next to 'Chichen Itza' and the archeologists who first explored the ruins stayed here. 0200  Our lovely suite 0210  Hotel grounds 0220  Hotel grounds 0230  Our porch 0240  Hotel grounds
0250  A dream come true... El Castillo 0260  El Castillo - it's steep alright! 0270  View from El Castillo 0280  View from El Castillo 0290  El Castillo - it's narrow at the top! 0300  Grupo de las Mil Columnas
0310  Grupo de las Mil Columnas & Templo de Chac-Mool 0320  Grupo de las Mil Columnas with El Castillo in the background 0330  Grupo de las Mil Columnas 0340  Mercado 0350  El Castillo 0360  Juego de Pelota Principal - The ballgames played here had something to do with life and death... whether is was the winner of loser who got rewarded with death...
0370  Juego de Pelota Principal - detail 0380  El Osario 0390  Casa Colorada 0400  El Caracol 0410  Las Monjas and Annexes - the Monastry and Annexes 0420  Las Monjas and Annexes
0430  El Osario 0440  You guessed it: this hotel is next to the ruins of Uxmal and is indeed also the place where the early explorers set up basecamp. 0450  Relaxing on the first floor porch where our room was 0460  By the pool... is that a book on cryptography?! Some people have a funny ideas on what relaxing is! Harry Potter was Caroline's choice! 0470  Hotel grounds 0480  El Palacio Del Gobernador
0490  View from El Palacio to Piramide del Adivino 0500  El Palacio y La piramide 0510  At El Palacio 0520  El Grupo del Palomar 0530  El Cuadrangulo de las Monjas - view towards El Palacio 0540  El Cuadrangulo de las Monjas
0550  El Cuadrangulo de las Monjas 0560  El Cuadrangulo 0570  La Piramide del Adivino 0580  El Palacio 0590  El Palacio - We liked the orange tree! 0600  El Palacio - detail
0610  Overview from El Palacio 0620  El Arco - The Arch... obviously.... 0630  At El Arco 0640  El Mirador 0650  Edificio de las Columnas (Templo del Este) 0660  El Palacio
0670  On the steps of El Palacio 0680  At El Palacio 0690  El Mirador 0700  Palace of the Masks 0710  Palace of Masks 0720  Palace of Masks - detail
0730  Detail 0740  El Palacio 0750  El Palacio 0760  In search of Pink Flamingoes 0770  found an aligator first 0780  Caroline and our Capitan
0790  White pelicans and pink flamingoes 0800  Stephen and el Capitan 0810  We found lots of pink flamingoes 0820  They truly where an awesome sight in flight 0830 0840
0850  Very enjoyable Xmas Day lunch 0860  Great setting for Xmas day lunch - we loved this hotel! 0870  Xmas Day Coffee 0880  Our very spacious room 0890  Beach just across the road from our room 0900  This is the house our room was in; the beach is just across the road.
0910  From where we stayed we could easily walk along the beach to our previous hotel 'Maya Tulum Hotel' 0920  Hammock time 0930  room corner 0940 0950 0960  No need to say that this can in no way compete with Tulum!
0970  Parkinglot - this country is Beetle Heaven! 0980 0990  drive thru - as quickly as possible! Spot the beetles! 1000  Spot the beetles... 1010