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I was born in Eeklo, Belgium, on June 29th, 1964. In 1988 I decided it was time to move to ‘the big city’, so I left Eeklo for Gent – a whopping 20 km away! Mind you, most Belgians perceive distance slightly different from the rest of the world; it is after all a rather tiny country. Three years later, in 1991, I left Gent to go to London to live and work; for about 2 years. Or at least that was the initial plan. But fate had something else in store for me… On my way to London I met a Kiwi called Stephen…

I was born in Cambridge, New Zealand in 1967. At age 10, I left New Zealand with my parents to go and live in Perth, Australia. And then at age 18, returned from Aussie to complete University in Auckland New Zealand. England beckoned, and the travel adventures started in earnest. In 1991, on my way from London to a jazz festival in Belgium, I met Caroline..

We became good friends. In 1992 we traveled to Africa together and on returning to London in 1993 we moved in together. In 1996 – Caroline had been in London for about 4.5 years, Stephen for 5 years – we packed all our worldly possessions in 13 boxes and a poster roll and moved to Sydney, Australia. Before settling in Sydney, where we eventually bought a home, we spent 4 months in Perth. New horizons and opportunities beckoned again in 2000 when we sold our home and moved to San Francisco. This time we filled half a container. A few weeks after arriving in the US we got married in Las Vegas. We have been in San Francisco ever since; it became our home and we love it there!.

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Recent blog entries

Windy Doran Beach
February 9, 2020

Weekend, February 7 to 9, 2020 We managed to get out of San Francisco early enough to arrive at Doran Beach Jetty campground around 4:30pm. Despite the very strong wind we managed to get the fire going so aperitif was enjoyed outside. Cooking on the fire would have proven at bit of a challenge, instead […]

Molly’s Inspection Routine
February 6, 2020

Daily Checks We have a little ritual we perform on every drive day to make sure Molly is in fine form. It involves a walk around the truck checking the following 6 things Coolant. Obviously check between the “FULL” and “LOW”. Oil. Pull the dipstick and make sure the level is between the low mark […]

Worldwide Satellite Comms
February 3, 2020

Molly has three types of satellite communication, each with its own features and benefits. Let’s get into the details of each of these. Voice Communications via Sat Phone Molly is old school, with an Inmarsat based Sat Phone. Inmarsat actually put its first satellite into orbit in 1976, although the current generation of satellites is […]

Monitoring Molly’s Vitals
February 2, 2020

There really is no need to monitor the engine for failure, as the FUSO Engine Management System seems to alert us the moment anything is even slightly wrong. Rather we keep track of Molly’s engine and vital statistics more for fun and long term trends. How is it all Wired Up? To make this all […]

Overlanding with HAM Radios
February 1, 2020

Molly has two HAM or amateur radios. One is permanently fixed in Molly and acts as our mobile base station, going wherever Molly goes. The second is a portable or handheld radio which can go with us on walks. These two HAM radios are a great addition to the rest of our communication equipment, especially […]

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