2003-4 Guatemala

020  The ruins at Tikal. Any 'Star Wars' fans? These are featured in 'Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi'. 030  We climbed up 'Pyramid IV' early in the morning to see the ruins appear out of the morning mist. 040 050 052 060
070  It was extremely windy the day we climbed up the volcano. 080  At the crater rim 090  Going back down 100  View from the volcano 110  New Year's Eve 2003 in Antigua 120  New Year's Eve 2003 in Antigua
130  The New Year has begun 131  The Arch 132 160  Those wash basins are still being used 170 180  View over Antigua from 'El cerro de la Cruz' (Hill of the cross)
190  The volcano on the left is 'Volcan Fuego', it errupted while Caroline was in Antigua. view from a roof terrace bar in Antigua. 200  the roof terrace bar is on the blue building. 210 220 230 250  Main Square
260  Main Square 261  Main Square Fountain 262  Fountain detail 270  Main Square 280 290
310  Famous market 320  Market stalls 330  Colorful wares 340  do not disturb 350  Market stalls. 353  We met Erik and Lisa (from Colorado).
360  Overlooking Lago Atitlan 370  Overlooking Lago Atitlan 380  Overlooking Lago Atitlan 390  Overlooking Lago Atitlan