2003 Roadtripping NW USA and SW Canada

020  UFO's over Reno, Nevada?? 030  Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming - Jackson Glacier 040 050  Entering Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming - A dream come true 060  In 1988 huge and devastating fires swept through Yellowstone NP 070  Yellowstone's most famous geiser: Old Faithful in action
080  Old Faithful - not Yellowstone's biggest geiser, but the most predictable one - hence its name 090  Boiling hot springs 100  Before this one had a name a belgian fell in (and eventually died of the consequences) hence its name.... macabre way for Belgium to make it on the map in Yellowstone! 110 120 130  Tower Falls
140 142 150  Mammoth Hot Springs 160  Mammoth Hot Springs 170  To give an idea of the size of Mammoth Hot Springs 180
190  Bison 200 210  Anyone for a (hot) mudbath? 220  The Canyon and Lower Falls 230  The Canyon - Inspiration Point - so called for its colors 240  The Canyon and Lower Falls
250  Who will go first? 260  Hbetween the Northpole and the Equator 270  Sunset over Flathead Lake 280  Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana (USA) and Alberta (Can) 290 300  Along Glacier NP's 'Going-To-The-Sun' road
310  More beautiful vistas along the 'Going-To-The-Sun' road 320  Mountain goat 330  'Going-To-The-Sun' road 340  Caroline and Sterlin at Saint Mary Lake 350  Entering Alberta, Canada - check the GPS coordinates! 360  Arty-Farty in Calgary - can you spot us?
370  Lake Louise 380  Lake Louise - in front of the hotel 390  Lake Louise is famous for its reflections 400  I couldn't resist... 410  ... putting 3 photo's of those here!!! 420  Lake Louise from the top of the Gondola
430  No comment 440  We were in both Whistler and Vancouver the day it was announced they won the bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. 450  BC Mining Museum - different parts of the mine can be seen.... 460  ... in a number of X-files episodes. 470  Totem poles in Stanley Park 480  Stanley Park - 'Girl in a swimsuit'
490  Pike Peak Markets 500  Bumping into an old friend!! Terry is still happily busking away! 510  Colorful art display 520  I wanna be up there!!!!!