2004 Offa's Dyke

Day 1.  Tintern Abbey - founded in 1131, largely rebuilt in the 13th century - seen from the Path. Day 2.  View from the Path. Day 2.  View from the old railway bridge in Monmouth. Day 4.  Typical footbridge on the Path. Day 4.  A good place for lunch. Day 4.  View along the Path.
Day 4.  View along the Path. Day 5.  A 'stile' : these allow walkers to cross fences and they have way-markers. Walkers have to take the most direct route between stiles. DSCN3160  Climbing Hatteral Hill. DSCN3164  Trig. point on the ridge of Hatteral Hill. DSCN3165  It was a beautiful Sunday - there were lots of hang-gliders in the air. DSCN3170  Cairns and way-markers along the ridge.
DSCN3171  The Path on the ridge. DSCN3187  The river Wye at Hay-on-Wye. DSCN3194  Walking along fields. DSCN3198  The Path on Hergest Ridge. DSCN3201  Hergest Ridge. DSCN3207  View along the Path.
DSCN3211  After not having walked along the Dyke' for 87km/54m it felt like seeing an old friend again! DSCN3212  Rewarding view again after a climb. DSCN3216  The Dyke. DSCN3217  A stroll through fields. Can you see the Dyke? The Path.  The Dyke is believed to have been built by King Offa in the late 8th century. It could have been a defensive or simply a boundary marker between Wales and Mercia. For over half its length the Path keeps company with the Dyke. The Dyke is sometimes a great bank up to 7.6 m/25ft high - with a deep ditch to the west; at other times it is no more than a hedgebank or ridge across a field. There is still a lot of scholarly speculation and dispute about it. It is the biggest ancient momument in the UK. The Path is 285km/177m long. I did about 200km/130m of it. DSCN3229  A most welcome rest stop - again after a climb.
DSCN3234  View of Montgomery. DSCN3236  Impressions of the hike. DSCN3237  My walking companions for a day: Linda, Gaye and Cherry. DSCN3241  A barge crosses the Telford's Pont Cysyllte canal aqueduct. DSCN3246  View from the aqueduct. It was built from 1795 to 1805. DSCN3256  The aqueduct stands 40meter/120foot tall.
DSCN3260  Llangollen - the end of the Path for me. I will do the rest another time.