01  Colorful Reykjavik - to offset the mostly dull weather. 02  This dude, Leifur Eriksson, almost certainly discovered America (Vinland) about 500 years before Columbus did. Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik's modernist church. 03  Austurvollur square in Reykjavik. Ingolfur Arnarson, Iceland's 1st settler had his hayfields here. 04  Lots of corrugated-iron houses in Reykjavik (and Iceland for that matter). 05  Thingvellir: location of Iceland's first Althing (parliament) established in 930. The rock formation on the left is the border of the American tectonic plate; the European plate is across the valley to the right. This is the only place where these plates are visible, ie not underwater or completely covered. 06  Seljalandfoss (foss=waterfall).
07  Seljalandfoss. I love waterfalls! 08  Black sand beach in Vik - South Coast. 09  Morning walk up the hill to the church overlooking Vik. 10  Myrdalssandur Sandflats with Myrdalsjokull (jokull=glacier) in the background. 11  No.. I'm not considering real estate in Iceland! 12  Overview of the farm at Nupsstadur.
13  Sod-houses or turf-houses at Nupsstadur. 14  We went for a nice walk in Skaftafell National Park. Vatnajokull Glacier in the background. 15  Vatnajokull in Skaftafell NP. 16  Jokulsarlon: Glacial River Lagoon. 17  We went for a boattrip among the icebergs floating in the lagoon. 18  Icebergs in the lagoon - quite the sight!
19  The 4W drive on a very winding road up to Vatnajokull... 20  ... to go snowmobiling on Europe's largest glacier! Fun! Normally they put 2 people on 1 mobile... I managed to get one to myself! 21  We had the whole glacier to ourselves; there were no other groups - at least none that I could see. 22  Snowmobiling on Vatnajokull was one of the highlights of my trip. We went with www.glacierjeeps.is 23  This is at 9.45pm on the glacier... it didn't get dark at night. 24  Surroundings of the farm-guesthouse where we stayed that evening, June 2nd.
25  The Southeast Coast from the guesthouse. 26  Seal-ed photo-stop. 27  Along the Southeast Coast. 28  Hofn on the Southeast Coast with Vatnajokull in the background. 29  Reindeer. 30  Our group.
31  It was our guide, Margret's birthday on June 3rd so our group organized a birthday cake. 32  Waterfall among the lava rocks. 33  We drove inland on a mountain road.  Anyone for a picnic? 34  We feasted our senses on some out-of-this-world-spectacular scenery. 35  Isolated Modrudalur is the highest farm in Iceland at 470m. The mountain in the background was voted 'most beautiful in Iceland' and is now 'Queen of the Mountains'. 36  Krafla Caldera.
37  There is lots of geo-thermal activity in Iceland. The hot water gets piped to the towns and used in powerplants. 38  Lake Myvatn. 39  Myvatn from the air. 40  Landing on Grimsey Island just of Iceland's north Coast. It's 3,5 by 5,3kms. Why fly there? In such a small plane? ... 41  To stand on the Arctic Circle... 42  ... and to see puffins!!!!!
43  For me it was all about the puffins!!! 44  Aren't they gorgeous? 45  The mainland from Grimsey's harbor. 97 people live on the island half of them under 30 years of age. 46  Approaching the mainland. 47  Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods). 48  Laufas Farm Museum. Northwest Iceland.
49  Turf-roofed farm house from 1850. 50  Laufas. 51  Akureyri in the North from across the fjord. 52  The Iclandic horse. 53  The Icelandic Horse has 5 gaits (others only 4). The 5th sees it move its 2 right legs simultaneously and then the 2 left ones. 54  Barnafoss.
55  Gullfoss. Did I mention I love waterfalls? 56  Geysir. I waited 15 mins in the rain to get this photo... missed the burst 7 minutes before. 57  Mary and Don from Vermont, USA. This was our last evening... 58  Doreen and Derek from Lincolnshire, UK. ... so piccies of everyone... 59  Ann from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. ... unfortunately Geoffrey (Newcastle, Aus) is missing, he went out with others that evening. 60  David and Catherine, from the UK (forgot where).
61  Hirohito & Yasuko and their daughther, Yoko, from Osaka, Japan. 62  Jonas, our driver. 63  Margret, our fabulous guide.