DSC 3989  Delhi - Jama Mashid Mosque, India's largest mosque. DSC 3983  Delhi - Jama Mashid Mosque. Construction began in 1644 and finished in 1658. DSC 3991  Delhi - Jama Mashid Mosque. DSC 4021  Delhi - Qutab Minar Complex. The tower is 73m high. DSC 4030  Delhi - Qutab Minar Complex. DSC 4038  Delhi - Qutab Minar Complex. The person in the picture gives an idea of the size.
DSC 4083  Delhi traffic: no lanes but it works. DSC 4091  Camel caravan. DSC 4101  On the road from Delhi to Agra: people on their way to a local festival. DSC 4136  Agra: Taj Mahal, Alison, Caroline and Ray. DSC 4138  Reflection of Taj Mahal. DSC 4141  Taj Mahal : built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his 2nd wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth to their 14th child in 1631. Construction lasted till 1653.
DSC 4162  Ok... I liked it! DSC 4181  Taj Mahal - detail in the morning sunlight. DSC 4204  View of the Yamuna River from the Taj Mahal. DSC 4216  All 4 sides are identical. DSC 4232  Just outside the Taj Mahal grounds. DSC 4243  Taj Mahal from our hotel.
DSC 4298  Fatephur Sikri - fortified ghost city - about 40 kms west of Agra. DSC 4301  Fathepur Sikri - capital of the Mughal Empire between 1571 and 1585 - Emperor Akbar. DSC 4335  Road from Agra to Jaipur: playing chicken. They do drive on the left... so we were in the correct lane.... DSC 4336  Animal crossing. DSC 4339  Bursting at the seams. DSC 4351  This is a 4-lane highway. The 2 lanes in the photo were supposed to be going in our direction, but if even the police drive against the traffic...  well....
DSC 4400  Jaipur: Amber Fort (pron: 'Amer', meaning 'high'). Detail. DSC 4408  Jaipur: Amber Fort. DSC 4413  Jaipur: Amber Fort: detail of Hall of Victory ('Jai Mandir') - inlaid with Belgian mirrors. DSC 4418  Jaipur: Amber Fort: detail of Hall of Victory. DSC 4430  Jaipur: Amber Fort. DSC 4445  Jaipur: Amber Fort - detail.
DSC 4449  Jaipur: Amber Fort. DSC 4466  Jaipur: City Palace: blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. DSC 4468  Jaipur: City Palace. Most buildings are now museums. DSC 4483  Jaipur: Amber Fort from my hotel room. DSC 4493  Goa: impressions. DSC 4522  Goa: impressions.
DSC 4530  Goa: impressions. DSC 4537  Goa: impressions. DSC 4550  Goa: Refreshments in the hotel bar. DSC 4568  Goa: impressions. DSC 4595  This is what cashews look like on the tree. DSC 4600  Goa: impressions.
DSC 4682  Kochi: impressions. DSC 4694  Kochi: St Francis Church - 1503. Vasco Da Gama, who died in Kochi in 1524, was buried here for 14 years before his remains were taken to Lisbon. DSC 4696  Kochi: at the Chinese fishing nets. DSC 4705  Kochi: huge cantilevered Chinese fishing nets. DSC 4727  Pulling up one of the Chinese fishing nets. DSC 4771  Kochi (previously Cochin): impressions.
DSC 4797  Kochi: impressions. DSC 4929  Chennai (Madras): impressions. DSC 4931  Chennai: impressions. DSC 4934  Chennai: eventhough this is one of the wealthier regions, lots of people live on the streets. DSC 4975  Chennai: Hindu temple.