P1010619  Hitting Tokyo's Metro system, which, for me, turned out to be one of the most user-friendly and clean ones I've been on. P1010664  'Tokyo' Metro station - who said the metro was overcrowded? DSC 9799  Early morning visit to the Fish Markets. DSC 9800 DSC 9806  Cashier with a smile at the Fish Markets. DSC 9808
DSC 9812 DSC 9814  Wasabi before we get it on our plates. P1010626  Almost 'Blade-Runner-esque'. DSC 9827  Urban gardens. DSC 9842  I just caught the end of the Cherry Blossom season. DSC 9870  Urban gardens.
P1010668 DSC 9873 DSC 9876 P1010642  Lunch in a cafe in Harajuku Area. P1010635  Harajuku. P1010651  City Views. The tall building turned out to be a school.
P1010656  City Views. P1010750  City Views. P1010670  City Views. P1010681  City Views. P1010682  City Impressions. P1010686  City Impressions - small back alley.
P1010749  Reflections. P1010739  No fear of going thirsty anytime soon... P1010781 DSC 9889  I made a day trip to Kamakura and visited the 'Kotokuin' or 'Great Buddha' Temple. P1010696  Great Buddha. DSC 9912  Went for a walk along the waterfront and was lucky enough to spot Mt Fuji through the clouds.
DSC 9915 P1010716  Kamakura. P1010722  Kamakura. P1010723  Quaint Kamakura. P1010743  Tokyo people. P1010744  Tokyo people.
P1010745  Tokyo people. P1010746  Tokyo people. P1010773  Patricia gave me some valuable pointers about Tokyo which made my visit a very good one. My friend Olivier put us in touch.