Spent 12 wet days walking the Saga Route in Norway with two dear friends. Last year I completed the MassIV Route as a solo walker, and so nice to return to this amazing part of the world and sharing it with friends. More information on the trail here. Our little expedition teamtook lots of photos, and below is a very small sampling.

And so the trip starts. Day 1 at Nevefjellet hut.
Day 2, The first 5 days are Myr, or Swampland.
Day 3 Camp spot.
Camp spot on Day 4. Managed to get a quick dinner in before it started to rain again.
The rain continues. Wet but happy. Day 5. This was our longest day, making camp at 10:30pm.
Day 5 Waffles. We talked about this moment for days. There are only 2 Cafes on the trail. The other one is at the end of the trail.
Day 6. We say goodbye to civilization and also goodbye to the swamps.
Day 7.
There are huts in the mountains. Well, more like hotels. Elise and I stayed in tents and Tim decided on a little luxury.
Still raining. Day 8.
Day 9 – Rocks and mountain passes. Hail.
Day 9. Enjoying the afternoon sun.
In the heart of the Rondane. Day 9.
Dovrefjell Mountains. Day 10.
Day 11 – Summit success on Snøhetta. We had a perfect day, with rain only in the evening.
Final day. Finally got enough sunshine for a swim.