Vinson Massif – Equipment Update

So the expedition preparations for Vinson Massif are now underway. I have completed all the paperwork, including medical forms, liability waivers, airline tickets, hotel reservations, medical evacuation insurance, travel insurance, etc. The fun bit begins, which involves researching and purchasing additional equipment. It is all about the gear.

The theory is that Antartica is cold and windy. So the major purchase for this trip is a wind-suit, which is basically a one piece goretex outfit. Yes, it is a lot of money to look like a dork. But hopefully it will help reduce the chance of getting frost-bite. On the colder days, under the wind suit I will wear feathered friends down pants and this down jacket (sorry about the spanish). I already have the jacket from my trip up Mt Aconcagua, but the down pants and wind-suit are additions for this trip. And I am assured these new items are suitable for Mt McKinley, should I attempt that fiercely cold mountain.

Next on my list is special cold weather liners by Intuition for my ice boots and some weird neoprene overboots. And for the hands I am thinking of these gloves. All this to avoid geting cold feet and hands.