And this concludes this Overland Travel adventure

About 20 years ago we started dreaming of this trip and now, incredibly, we have completed it, and are back home. The ‘back home’ part still feels a bit surreal every now and then. No more planning of the next day: planning a route and destination almost every day, distance that can be done on the given roads, finding accommodation for the night, sightseeing en route,…

In the coziness of Sterlin, our trustworthy Land Rover, we were able to drive to and through countries, deserts, steppes, mountains, cities, UNESCO sites, along rivers; we crossed international borders, met fellow minded travelers, made new friends, caught up with and renewed bonds with old friends, and time and time again, were awed with the beauty, vastness and diversity of the world and its people.

It made us realize how fortunate we were simply for being able to experience the world like this.

  • It truly was the Adventure of a Lifetime.
  • We hope you have enjoyed our stories and photos.
  • Thank you for following along.
  • We will further update existing posts with more links were possible, and we will add photo albums on the ‘Photos page’.
  • All you aspiring Overlanders, feel free to drop us a line.

Some of the key statistics from the Trip:

  • Distance Traveled Overland with Sterlin = 56,560 kms (35,145 miles)
  • Distance Traveled Overland and Sea = 67,553 kms (41,975 miles)
  • Time Spent away from home = 578 Days (or 1 Year 7 Months)
  • Countries Visited = 34
  • Countries Sterlin Visited = 23
  • Visas Obtained = 10
  • Borders Crossed = 57
  • Borders Sterlin Crossed = 29
  • Accidents with Sterlin = 4
  • Breakdowns with Sterlin = 1
  • Tire Punctures = 2
  • Other Issues with Sterlin = 15
  • Planned Maintenance with Sterlin = 4
  • Unplanned Maintenance with Sterlin = 4
  • Traffic/Vehicle Violations = 0
  • Bribes Paid = 2
  • Cost of Bribes = $16
  • Major Medical or Health Issues = 0
  • Stomach Bugs – Stephen = 3, Caroline = 3

If you want to start at the beginning, well it all started with Caroline leaving to Europe.

Caroline and Stephen (and Sterlin).