Austin, TX

Had a wonderful long weekend in Austin to help celebrate Anjou and Neil’s wedding. Flew out Thursday and landed in the late afternoon just in time to enjoy an early meal and drink at Eddie V’s. Later in the evening, and once the temperature dropped, we strolled down Sixth Street along with the students in Austin.

Friday we explored the old town of South Congress braving the brutal heat. Austin is a strange little place, not sure if it is a big city or a dusty western town. Later in the evening we joined others in the Rattle Inn to start celebrating Anjou and Neil’s upcoming wedding. Mild heat stroke from earlier in the day forced Stephen back to the hotel.

The main event, the Wedding, was on Saturday on the lawns of the Four Seasons. But we all stayed safely in the air conditioned comfort of the hotel until the very last minute before heading out for the ceremony. And a very nice ceremony it was. The reception involved lots of dancing, including numerous demonstration dances. We were eventually kicked out and made the short walk back to our hotel. We weren’t up for the after-party.

The culture deluge continued with Texas BBQ and Country music at The Clive. Dinner was on Sixth Street at The Parkside. We returned home on Labor day Monday.

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