Day 5: Trefonen to Welshpool for Buttington

Tuesday October 6th, 2015

I didn’t sleep to well the night before, but not because of the B&B, room or bed, which were in order very welcoming, nice and cozy and comfy. Maybe it was the second cup of tea or the lots of sleeping I’d being doing the previous nights? Breakfast at 7am and out the door at 7:30am. Diane from Lynstead Lodge gave me my lunch for free, same reason as a few B&B’s ago: because I didn’t have a cooked breakfast.

The morning was dry but with the promise or rain later I set out prepared anyway. After some fields out of Trefonen The Path climbed up Moelydd, which afforded lovely views in all directions. Down we went to quite a bit of tarmac walking before climbing up Llanymymech Hill, again with great views all around. I met some other walkers coming the other way who told me that the climbing was over for the day, from here it was flat as a pancake. And they were not wrong. After descending from the hill I reached the Montgomery Canal and walked along its towpad for a while. The Path leaves the canal before Four Crosses and after this hamlet runs on top of the dyke for a very long, flat time. After the Derwas Bridge the Path and the River Severn meet and run alongside each other for a while. Twice a group of cattle blocked a gate I had to get through but somehow I managed to get through and past them. Not my favorite thing though.. Eventually, at Pool Quay, the Path joins the Montgomery Canal again. I stayed on the towpad all the way into Welshpool, as opposed to staying on the Path to Buttington, only to have to get back to the towpad to get to my destination for the day.

The weather held till about 1:45pm when it started raining, well more drizzling actually. It never got cold and the rain fizzled out to mere spitting a little later.

P1020485 copy
P1020488 copy
P1020491 copy
P1020493 copy
P1020507 copy
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P1020530 copy
P1020542 copy
P1020548 copy
P1020557 copy
P1020562 copy
Slight obstacle….
P1020563 copy
Got through them somehow; glad to see the back of them!
P1020568 copy