Day 1: Inverness to Dores

Walking around Loch Ness had been on my walking-wish list for quite some time, so I was really happy to finally get my boots on and to start this circular walk around the Loch.

I again used Contours Walking Holidays to book my accommodation and transfer my luggage; I prefer walking with only a day pack. I opted for a 7-day walk, with start and finish in Inverness. Alison joined me for the first 5 days of the walk.

July 7th and 8th, 2016 — 16km / 10miles.

Alison and I flew up to Inverness from London together on July 7th. After checking in to Pine Guest House I went for a walk around Inverness, while Alison relaxed. I had been here years ago and didn’t really remember it, so it was nice to have look around. On the way to the town center I booked us a table for dinner at The Water Front, where we enjoyed an excellent dinner later.

The next morning, Friday, July 8th, we set out around 8am. Around 9:40am, after leaving the outskirts of Inverness and turning away from the road, it was an easy climb to somewhat higher ground on pleasant and easy trails. We caught our first glimpses of Loch Ness just after 11am. By 1pm we were enjoying lunch in the Dores Inn, on the shores of the Loch. A pleasant and easy day’s walk. Our accommodation for the first night was Beinn Dhearg B&B where we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.

Who’s closer to the front of the plane 🙂
Walking on the banks of the River Ness.
No, that is not fog but condensation on the lens. Cool effect though :). This is at the point where we left the road that morning.
Pleasant and easy trails.
Arrived in Dores.
Lunch spot on the shores of Loch Ness. We did move inside the pub however as it threatened to rain.