Marble Canyon and White Pocket

Below Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is Mable Canyon. A little stretch of BLM land with amazing views over the Colorado River. It was busy along the cliff edge, but we found a place to camp for the night at the end of the road. The next day Tim and Stephen attempted to hike down to the Colorado River, but this was unsuccessful and the cliffs were too demanding. There is a path down, but we could not find it and it is not on any map. Maybe one day we will return and attempt it again.

The next day our little team headed into Vermilion Cliffs proper and White Pocket to be specific. One of the vechicles had a small issue with their compressor for the lockers, and this meant we camped prior to White Pocket. This ended up being good luck, as the camp spot was likely less busy than camping at the tourist attraction.

Time to air down.
The Road to White Pocket
White Pocket rocks.