Muley Point and John’s Canyon

We returned to Muley Point for our rendezvous with Tim. He would be joining us for the next 2 weeks and including Overland Expo West. The original plan was to spend time on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, but unfortunately it does not open for few weeks. So, we will enjoy parts of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and other areas instead.

Tim had to drive up the Moki Dugway to get to us, but found that relatively easy. He was rewarded with great views, including a view of John’s Canyon Road which we took the next day. We also returned to Valley of the Gods for that scenic drive.

As we approached John’s Canyon road we reconnected with Bec and Em, and we all camped two nights in John’s Canyon. we just chilled and went hunting for petroglyphs, which we found. On the way out, we went to Gooseneck State Park and Snake Island, both very good visits.

Tim Arrived.
Enjoying the view.
Valley of the Gods, take 2
Camping near the end of John’s Canyon Road
Can you see Kokopelli, the flute player.
Out for a wee walk.
Impressive Road.
Gooseneck State Park
Sand Island
“I’m pretty tired, think I’ll go home now