The Bolivian Experience has Started

Like Caroline a quick post to let you know the adventure in Bolivia has started. Landed after a reasonable flight and getting a reasonable amount of sleep. La Paz airport is at 4,000m (the highest major airport in the world). So was a little breathless just dragging the luggage to the Taxi. The first day was spent relaxing, soaking up the city. Day 2 involved a long bus ride to see the local ruins. Day 3 (today) was an acclimatization hike day. We woke up with an amazing view of Illimani. Spent 4 hours hiking to the local high point (which we did not quite make). But it was wonderful – and tonight we sleep about 800m lower. Also last night in the city, so had a good meal. The next 7 days will be spent in the mountains learning mountain craft.

The other clients and guides are all good people. Pretty lucky since I am spending the next 20 days with them. And everyone else has more gear than me.

So, signing off from 3,750m (La Paz).


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