I can’t believe I’m in Lhasa!

Greetings from very sunny and hot Lhasa. (Sep 14th)

After spending 2 days in Beijing we took the train to Lhasa at 9.30pm on Sep 11th. Boarding the train was quite an experience: 4 of us got cut off from our group and guide (with our tickets) – people in China don’t really have a concept of lining up or queueing – so after a bit of a panic we just ‘ran’ the gate and made it to our carriage anyway!

Got settled and got comfy for the trip, which takes just under 48 hours. All in all the trip was enjoyable: the scenery on day 2 was spectacular! The sleeping arrangements worked out well. From the 2nd night onwards the train was being ‘flooded’ with extra oxygen which made the travel experience at high altitude very bearable. The train does go up to 5000m and stays over 4500m for most of the day. Last night at 8.15pm we arrived in Lhasa, nicely on schedule.

Some of us decided against the group dinner last night. I guess after 48 hours on the train a shower and proper bed were just to hard to resist!

This morning I felt very good considering we are at 3700m (without extra oxygen!). We had a busy day already: visited the Jokhang Palace  (Unesco WH) this morning and the Sera Monastery with the debating monks this afternoon. I have a slight headache off and on – nothing that actually bothers me.

We will spend 3 more nights here in Lhasa which will definitely help the acclimatization.

I still can’t believe I’m in Lhasa!!!! For me the trip started in earnest with the train trip; Beijing was a little bit deja-vu.

Signing off from Lhasa.