Arrived in Pokhara.

We enjoyed our last group dinner last night in Kathmandu and most of us were sad that the adventure was over. I was sad on the one hand that the first part of my trip was over (and a good first part it was) and excited on the other hand about the second part of my trip. This morning’s flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara is without a doubt the shortest and most spectacular I have ever done: I scored a seat on the right side of the plane and got a-ma-zing views of the Himalayas, in particular the Annapurna’s (in the midst of which I will be hiking from tomorrow). The mountains were higher than our flight path. I received a warm welcome at the Chhetri Sister’s guesthouse. Went out to change some money and upon my return was told that Stephen called!!!! He will call again at 5pm today, so I will be sitting next to that phone from 4.30pm!!!!!! So tomorrow my trekking adventure starts; I am very excited about it. I’m hoping it will be a positive and challenging experience. This will be my last post till Oct 5 or 6, when I get back from my trek.

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  1. hi Caroline – you are so lucky to fly to Pokhara – in 1990 when i trekked in Nepal we caught a horror bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara. there were chickens and even a goat on the bus with us. and so much dust. and lots of accidents (not us) along the way.

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