London and Belgium – Thanksgiving Week 2010.

We went to London and Belgium for Thanksgiving Week; the good thing was that Stephen only had to take 3 days off to get the whole week. We left on Friday, Nov 19 and flew back home on Saturday the 27th.

In London we stayed with Silvia & Wayne and caught up with friends. About an hour or so after getting to Silvia & Wayne’s we were down the pub with Bruce, Ann and Sonny. It was the first time Stephen met our godson.

The next day we got together with Dan and Pete, and on Monday with Heleen and Mark.

On Nov 23rd we flew to Belgium.

We had a lovely evening and dinner at Kristien and Erik’s. On Wednesday we saw friends for drinks and dinner in Gent.

Thursday, Nov 25 was Thanksgiving and Stephen and I prepared Thanksgiving dinner at my mum’s.

On the 26th Stefaan, Stephen and I went in search of the lowest point of Belgium. One source situates that in ‘De Moeren’, bij Houtem, Veurne at -3.54m. We have not been able to confirm whether it actually is the low point… all other sources name the Northsea. We are working on either confirming or refuting that… More on that later on