Gent and Eeklo

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I arrived in Zaventem, from Stockholm around 7pm, jumped on a train to Gent and knocked on Hilde’s door. Being Sunday there where no trains to Eeklo anymore at that time, but I’d pre-arranged to stay at Hilde’s. And since Monday 20 May was a holiday we spent that day together as well. As usual very nice to catch up. Together we visited an old haunt of mine: Cafe In Den Hemel. I spent many hours there long time ago – before I left Gent for London. Stocked up on ‘strips’ again during my usual visit to Stripwinkel De Poort.

Nice street/wall art I came across in the St Paulusstraat, side wall of St Pietersinstituut.
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arrived in Eeklo in the afternoon. Sorted out having my heel spur looked at next Monday. It’s all about family and friends here. And let’s not talk about the weather – 8 degrees C here!! Really?! And wet wet wet..

Meiklokjes – Lily of the Valley. Mum’s garden.
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunshine and no rain all day yesterday!! Yay!!!!! I couldn’t go for a long walk because of the Shockwave treatment for my heel spur, but a lovely lunch in Kristien and Erik’s garden made up for that. Today the weather was nice till about 4pm-ish; I got my walk in before that.

Buddha statue in mum’s garden.

When in Eeklo I  always spend at least one evening in Cafe ‘t Kabouterke, an old and favorite haunt of mine. I learned that this iconic little cafe may soon no longer be…. that will truly be a sad day for Eeklo.

‘t Kabouterke.
Twilight in Eeklo.