Chapoma and Pyalitsa Rivers

Chapoma River

If you believe the guides, apparently we were the first westerners to visit this Chapoma River village.  We saw first hand how hard life is in these remote lands.  There is no wharf for large boats to land so we arrived in zodiacs.  The primary method of access to this village is via helicopter.

Chapoma River mouth.  Beautiful day with a blitzering 4°C temperature.
Pomor House.
Caroline making friends with the locals.  The locals were almost as interested in us as we were in them.
Notice the firewood stacked for winter.
Caroline was on a photographic walking tour and found this photogenic boat.
Stephen hiked up Chapoma River along with the other long hikers.
Pyalitsa River

We sailed 60 miles North East to Pyalitsa River mouth and another very similar Pomor village.  This village was even more remote than Chapoma River and boasts around 50 people who winter over.

Pomor House
Evening Sailing North

We started heading north above the Arctic Circle again.  The following photo was taken just past midnight.

The Final Sunset. As we head north we will nolonger see the sun set.