Novaya Zemlya

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10th

Morning Activities

Today we truly ventured north.  We woke very early to discover the ship had discovered ice.  Ice conditions prevented a landing at the abandoned Soviet research base.  Instead the captain took the ship on a lap of the bay in search of wildlife. And yes, we finally spotted our first Polar Bear.  We did make a landing on an ice-free beach to enjoy a brisk (short and cold) hike to view the local glacier.

Enjoying the icy cold weather as we head North.
People on the forward deck looking for Polar Bear.
People on the Bridge looking for Polar Bear.
We spotted Walrus.
And finally – Polar Bear.
Two adults feeding.
Russkaya Gavan an abandoned Soviet research station.
We went for a hike.

Lunchtime Activities

The ship continued sailing north along the coast packed filled of magnificent glaciers. We stopped briefly into Muck Bay to get up close to one of the glaciers.

Back in the Ice. This time in search of glaciers.
Glaciers found in Muck Bay.

Evening Activities

And to round out the day, we visited Oranskie Island, which is merely a rock to the North of Novaya Zemlya (at about 77° North). In fact it does not even appear on Google Earth, hmmmm. The landing started at 10pm and we were safely back aboard before midnight.

Welcome to Oranskie Island.
Caroline enjoying the balmy weather.
And all to see the birds.
Time to head back to the ship.
After a quick brandy (on ice).