Mörön re-visited (Мөрөн)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

After last night’s commotion we woke up to find it was 8:20am! Quiet campsites do promote a good night’s sleep! After breakfast and breaking up camp we started towards Mörön again. On the way we made a short detour to the N50º – E100º confluence point.

Back in town we checked into a hotel, had showers, stocked up in the supermarket and relaxed. We also did a bit more research on that possible permit for the Altai Regoin in Russia but it looks like people haven’t needed one, at least not for a quick transit. Fingers crossed. And we contacted ‘Stantours’ for help with LOI’s (Letters of Invitation) for Uzbekistan.

This really is Eagle country.
At the 50º lat -100º long confluence point.