Across the Mongolian/Russian Border

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We set off from Ölgii around 9:30 and headed towards the Mongolian/Russian border.

Most of the road was sealed but we did have our last stretch of unsealed Mongolian road as well. In a strange way we will miss the ‘roads’ in Mongolia: slow going yes, but where else can you drive just about anywhere you like?

Last bit of driving in Mongolia.
Mongolian border ‘town’.

We got to the bordertown at 12:30.

The entire process lasted four hours, with most of the time spent waiting at a locked gate at the Mongolian border post, as the officials decided to take a long lunch. But everything went about as smoothly as it could.

The Russians were very polite, correct and efficient. Neither side really inspected Sterlin, just a cursory look and a check of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

We were glad to be in Russia and continued our journey West.