Monday, September 8, 2014

The World arrived and anchored off Petropavlovsk late yesterday evening, all ready for us to go and explore the city in the morning.

Founded by famed explorer Vitus Bering in 1740 and named for his two ships, St. Peter and St. Paul, the port of Petropavlovsk is today the capital of, and largest city on, the Kamchatka Peninsula. The city is home to some 250,000 residents, and, surrounded by high mountains and volcanoes it is only accessible by sea and air.

We went on a bus tour of Petropavlovsk which took us on a panoramic drive with stops at the local museum, a viewpoint over Avacha Bay, stone chapel, a wooden church, the Russian Orthodox Church and the markets.

Once the tour part was finished, Hilde and Tricia decided to go and explore some more on foot; Stephen and I went back to the ship. We’d seen enough fairly non-descript Russian cities in the last few months.

Avacha Bay.
Stone Chapel Crimean War Memorial.
Russian Orthodox Church
Back to the ship by tender.
Someone was very happy with a tub of caviar at USD 15 🙂