Utkholok Cape and Kvachina River

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A sea day filled with lectures and workshops.

In the morning we enjoyed a second lecture by Professor Ludmilla Selezna: ‘Russia 2014: People and Leaders’. In the afternoon we attended 2 photographic workshops by Raul Touzon.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The World anchored off Utkholok Cape and mid-morning we went zodiac cruising in search for wildlife. We saw numerous seabirds (cormorants, Harlequin ducks, gulls,….) Steller sea lions, Spotted seals, and we were rewarded with no less than 5 bears on one of the beaches (1 single male and 2x mother and cub).

The scenery.
Adult and (one) juvenile gulls.
Steller sea lions.
Harlequin ducks.
Female with cub.
Same female.
Same female and cub heading up the hill….
… to make room for this, larger, female with cub.

Later that afternoon the ship repositioned and anchored off Kvachina River where we had the opportunity to go ashore and stretch our legs. Along the coast we found some treasure in the form of Japanese sea-glass balls.

We swapped our wet-landing boots for hiking shoes.
Treasure on the beach.