Lovely Trip to London and Belgium

Last Saturday I got back from a 14-day trip to Europe. Stephen had to go to London for work – he’s still there actually – and I decided to go with him.

I spent 4 days in London but the main purpose of my trip across the Atlantic this time was to catch up with family first and a few friends.

Saw friends in London: Lisa & Dan, Silvia & Wayne, Heleen and in Belgium: Kristien & Erik, Hilde, Danny & Elke – I didn’t organize too many visits to friends as I didn’t want to rush from one place to another.

I spent most afternoons with my mum sipping coffee, talking, visiting Brugge, having lunch,…

and spent a lot of time with Stefaan sipping wine, visiting his horses, having dinner,…

Also caught up with extended family: Bart & Gisele, Annie & Erik and ‘Jantje’.

Stephen joined me in Gent and Eeklo for the weekend.

I had a fabulous time catching up with everyone!