Day 10: Made it to the Pass!

I am comfortable in Muktinah after the biggest day of hiking; today was the highlight of the Circuit trek: Crossing the Thorung-La High Pass at 5416m. It was a hard day’s work but well worth it!

Yesterday I made an ‘executive decision’ and told my guide that I wanted to hike up to High Camp (instead of Thorung Pedi). The section between Thorung Pedi and High Camp is really really steep and I felt I could handle it better yesterday early afternoon than very early this morning. And it worked out very well for me; it made my day today a tad easier (still 680m up in about 2 hours at this altitude). When I reached the goal of our trek, the High Pass, it really was emotional and well worth it. With other hikers I spend about 40 minutes there and had the most expensive (for local prices) but well deserved cup of hot chocolate ever! Everyone was euphoric for having made it and being able to share the moment.

The day wasn’t over though as we still had to descend 1600m from the pass to Muktinath. But here I am, all showered and fed and mighty proud of myself!

The schedule for the next days will probably change quite a bit as we can now afford to be flexible and move at whatever speed we want (no more acclimatization issues). I do want to shave at least one day off the itinerary (which calls for 19 days, but i would like to do it in 18 or 17).

Greetings from Muktinath, Caroline.