Day 12: Had the best apple-pie on the Circuit today!

Today we hiked from Jomsom to Kalapani. Around 10:30 we stopped in a place called Tukuche and I had the best apple pie on the Circuit in a genuine Dutch Bakery! Simply delicious – with a cup of real coffee!!!!!

The hiking again went well today.Unfortunately we have been hiking in a perpetual haze for the last few days, so not much in the way of views. The mountains are all around us, we just can’t see them.

I expect to be back in Pokhara late afternoon on May 3rd; so yes that is 3 days faster than the original schedule, but it is the way I want to do it. I don’t need to arrive in every place at noon and walk around for an hour and then do nothing for the rest of the day.That way I will have a couple of rest days in Pokhara (and hopefully I will get a call from Stephen on the 6th!!), and I will then fly to Kathmandu a bit earlier and actually get to see some of the place other than Thamel.

Greetings from Kalapani, caroline.


  1. You rock, err climb, Caroline! Good to follow your trip and excitement throughout this obviously fascinating voyage.
    Greets from a rainy SF today.

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