Restdays in Pokhara

As promised a bit more on the last few days.

As said I finished the Annapurna Circuit yesterday, May 3rd. Which means I did it in 15 days instead of the planned 18 days (and I wasn’t the only one; lots of people do it like that). Otherwise it simply meant shorter day-hikes and a few more nights in Teahouses. But to be honest I just wanted to get back to Pokhara. Don’t get me wrong: I thoroughly enjoyed the trek, but 15 days was more than enough. The last day was hard: about 1900m down and it was all steps, steps, steps. The day before was though but rewarding: about 1700m up and lots of of it was steps, steps, steps.

I’ve done it!!!!! I’ve completed the Circuit!!!!!

So now I’m enjoying some well-deserved restdays in Pokhara (I spent most of today with my new Belgian friend, Sara – we trekked together on and off for 5 days) and am organizing the next stage of my trip.

On May 6th I’ll be waiting next to the phone in the office of the 3Sisters Guesthouse hoping that Stephen can get his call through! On the 7th I will fly to Kathmandu and will stay in the Yak and Yeti Hotel for 2 nights; and then on the 9th I will make a first attempt to fly to Lukla – hopefully I won’t have to try that for 4 days like Stephen had to!

The day I get to Lukla will also be the first day of my trek to EBC; it’s the idea to hike to Phakding that same day. I’ve gone off the idea of a guide and a yak and will now instead have a guide and 2 porters. I plan to arrive there on the 17, 18 or 19.

Greetings from Pokhara, caroline.