Campbell Glacier and Drygalski Ice Tongue, Terra Nova Bay

Tuesday, January 24th

On the morning of the 24th we went on a zodiac exploration of the Campbell blue ice glacier (74º25’S  164º22’E), situated in the northern end of Terra Nova Bay, on the Victoria Coast. It is named after the leader of Scott’s Northern Party, Lieutenant Victor Campbell, Royal Navy, of the British Antarctic Expedition. It flows 96 km / 60 mi south-east from the slopes of volcanic Mt Melbourne, calving pristine icebergs into the bay.

Amazing colors and patterns in the Glacier facade.
This was an iceberg floating in the vicinity of Campbell Glacier. We liked the icicles.
Returning to The World.

The original plan for that afternoon was to visit to Mario Zucchelli Station, the Italian Base. However, since their supply ship had come in a few days later than expected and they were still unloading, they had asked us to postpone our visit to the next day. So that evening The World sailed further south and we cruised along the Drygalski Ice Tongue. The ship couldn’t get around the corner due to large amounts of pack ice, thus we observed it from the comfort of the bridge.