A walk on Ice in Bartlett Inlet

Sunday, January 29th

Our last landing in Antarctica was truly magical. The Bridge and EYOS worked together to find a place where we could safely land to go for a walk on the ice shelf. Not that straightforward given that the edge of the shelf is basically a sheer ice cliff. Unbelievable experience. To top it all off there was a seal colony close by and a small group of molting Emperor penguins. Zodiacs were put out, a safe walking route was probed and marked by EYOS, and off we went for a stroll on the ice. At the end a true ice-bar with champagne was waiting for us, before the increasing winds told us it was time to go back to the ship.

Ross Sea Ice shelf and icebergs.
Scouting for a suitable landing site.
Landing site – the only accessible and safe place between the ice cliffs.
Members of the seal colony.
The path was carefully staked out as the place was littered with crevasses.
Molting Emperors.
Setting up the champagne/ice bar.
Champagne bar open for business.