Snowing in Yosemite

Snuck away for the weekend to Yosemite. We arrived late on Friday night and just before it started to snow. Our timing could not have been better. We awoke on Saturday to about 8 inches of snow. And as the campground was unusually quiet, we slept in. This trip would be a good test for Molly and how she handles the cold weather. The forecast was for -14ºC, and the forecast was not wrong. We had the internal heating going all night, along with the water tank heaters (Tank 2 and Grey Water).

We had the most amazing day walking around the valley floor in the lightly dropping snow. In fact, one of best trips to Yosemite. In the evening we purchased some firewood and enjoyed a very cold evening in front of the fire.

During the night the batteries decided to die, so it was pretty darn cold when we woke up (6ºC in the house and -4ºC outside). It was not long before the Fuso engine was started, and ten minutes later we had piping hot coffees and heat was returning to the house. Next time we will drain the external tanks before going to bed and will then not need to run the heaters. Sunday proved to be even more magical than Saturday.