Bryce Canyon National Park

We had a few days before Caroline was scheduled to fly out of Salt Lake City, so we squeezed in Bryce Canyon National Park. But the drive there was also amazing. We spotted so many times to enjoy the scenery, we ended up arriving late into the Park. But, all was good.

We spent an entire day, and two nights, enjoying the Park and doing some of the trails. We only scratched the surface of this Park.

On the way to Bryce Canyon. The upper reaches of the Grand Canyon.
Quack looking forward to what is on the road ahead?
Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River
Us overlooking Horseshoe Bend.
Glen Canyon Dam
Finally getting to Bryce Canyon National Park
Long day, but made it.
Morning walk on Fairytale Trail
Another view from the trail.
Bryce Point.
More Views of the incredible rock structure.
Caroline heads to Europe, via San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago.