Grand Canyon National Park

We headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in the hopes of getting a first come first serve camping spot. That failed, but since we were already in the Park, and it was almost our big anniversary, we splurged on the Yavapai Lodge for the night. Nice to have a hot shower. we did get a last minute camp spot in the campground for the next 2 nights. Anniversary dinner was burgers in the Lodge, not fancy but still very nice.

We had two full days in the Park. The first day was spent driving within the Park and seeing all the tourist spots. The canyon is huge. On the second day was for walking the trails. Stephen hiked down off the rim on bright Angel Trail, setting off at 6am to avoid the worst of the heat.

A very enjoyable visit, and next time we will have to explore the North Rim.

Walking along the South Rim.
The Watch Tower, built in the style of the native Indians.
Internal decorations.
Caroline on the Watch Tower
Setting Sun Shots
Bright Angle Trail
Banana Bread from the new cooktop Oven.