KofA Wildlife Refuge, AZ

We stopped at the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center just outside of Yuma to get the low down on the Refuge. The ranger was super helpful and suggested the north west corner of the refuge, and this area did not disappoint. Also got a free patch – shhhh. Super accessible, just need high clearance and 4×4. We spent a day and night exploring, and did not see another person. Suspect we could stay a week and still not see anyone.

Caroline found some crystals at Crystal Mountain, and Stephen did not have any surprises in Surprise Valley. We enjoyed an amazing sunset. And it was a little windy, but we are getting use to that now.

Crystal Mountain. Caroline found a few gems. Molly hidden in the picture.
Caroline’s Gems
Walk up Surprise Valley.
Stunning scenery. I think we will be back.
Stunning Sunset
Leaving the Park the next morning. Had to get up early, as we had to get to Saguaro National Park..