Still at ABC

The weather is not cooperating with us as much as we would like. A tropical depression in the Bay of Bengal is having the effect of forecasted high winds in our region on the 25th and 26th. So we have delayed the start of our Summit Push, with the hope of catching better weather once this system blows through. The jet-stream still remains to the North, so we have time before that hits. Other than the weather we are all ready to head high. The most likely schedule is now

– Monday (9/24) – Move to Camp 1
– Tuesday (9/25) – Move to Camp 2 (this is a long day)
– Wednesday (9/26) – Move to Camp 3 (have not done this yet!)
– Thursday (9/27) – Summit!!!! (return to Camp 2)
– Friday (9/28) – Return to ABC.

Or maybe a day behind the above schedule. It is hard to tell with this weather stuff.

So another beautiful day here at ABC. The sun is shinning, the wind is low, the temperatures is around the mid-teens (Celsius) and we have a wonderful view of Mt Cho Oyu.