Carry to Camp 1

A very big day yesterday. We carried from Advance Base Camp at 5,650mts (18,500ft) to Camp 1 which is at 6,320mts (or 20,00ft). This took us 6 hours up and 3 hours down. We were all pretty tired at the end of this hike. So today (9/11) and tomorrow (9/12) we are resting.

Weather here at the moment is wonderful, beautiful sunny skies with no wind. We have been advised by the Weather Consultant that the monsoon season ended a few days ok. So we are hoping the weather will remain reasonably stable for the next few weeks.

The next big day is on Thursday (9/13) when we move up to Camp 1 and spend the night and then we will return to ABC and the next posting. All part of the acclimatization program.