To Tingri

Ok, one more internet session before we make the 10 hours trip in the bus to the town of Tingri. And we move away from the relative luxury we have been enjoying. Our cultural liason officer claims that there are no more monasteries to visit, but I am not so convinced. It will apparently be a bumpy journey as the road is not paved.

To see some photos of the trip and to read the journal of one of my climbing companions, please visit

The weather continues to cooperate with us with rain only occuring over night.  Singing off for real this time from Shigatse.

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  1. Hey dude, Sep 7 today so you must be climbing on to ABC right now. We’re with you and following every day. Thanks for the reporting so far, sounds like an extraordinary experience. Be well!
    Fil, Nat and ____ (baby name TBC).

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