We are done on Cho Oyu

Well we finally made our move up the mountain as part of the summit push. On Thursday (9/27) we headed up to Camp 1 in good weather. We were all very pleased to be heading up and on our summit push. Unfortunately the weather overnight and Camp 1 was not brilliant. But on Friday (9/28) we moved up to Camp 2 in some very bad weather. The wind was nailing us on the fixed lines. Overall we made good time up to Camp 2. Once at Camp 2, the weather just got worse and worse. I am amazed that the tents survived the night. The wind howled from about 4:00pm right through the night and into Saturday. So the guides decided to cancel the summit push. So today has been a very long day. We down climbed from Camp 2 back to ABC. We are now all back at ABC having a late dinner and shortly to have some beers. No summit this year for us. We are all strong and safe. We are at ABC for another few days as we pack up. So I will send for information shortly.


  1. What an experience!!! Thank God you are all back down to ABC safely. Thanks for the blogs. Gary’s mom

  2. Stephen, way too bad you couldn’t make it but we’re way too happy that you’re safe and that you went up there in the first place. What an experience! We wish you good travels back and hey, if you want to clmb some hills in a lot of snow, Canada will have plenty of that combo real soon! C ya soon.

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