Camp 2

Just returned from our acclimatization climb to Camp 2. We hiked to Camp 1 on Monday and spent both Monday and Tuesday night at Camp 1. Then we hiked from Camp 1 to Camp 2 which is a considerably more difficult climb. It is a little more technical with sections of ice climbs and about 40% of the route has fixed lines. It was a tough climb and the air was very thin. So today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) we rest. We will start getting detailed weather reports, but it looks like we will start our summit attempt on Saturday. The team is feeling very positive.

It is currently beautiful sunny weather here at Advanced Base Camp. I think I might wash my hair this afternoon.


  1. I’m enjoying your blog (yours is the first blog I’ve ever read) and will get some good personal news as you go up from Camp 2. I’m Gary Bacon’s mother (I live in Bel Marin Keys in Marin) and am glad he decided not to try it to the top. But, meanwhile, I’ll be routing for you. I look forward to meeting you sometime–you and Caroline are probably very interesting people! Lois Bacon

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