Getting Ready for the Summit Push

Well, the weather up high is looking good. The detailed weather forecasts are now starting to trickle in. Also today, a Sherpa team went above Camp 3 to fix the last of the fixed lines. So everything is looking good to commence the Summit push tomorrow.

Later today we are having Oxygen school. This is where we learn how to use our Oxygen system. We will be sleeping on about 1/2 litre of Oxygen at Camp 3 and will be making our Summit attempt on the same amount of Oxygen. The Sherpas have been busy making sure we have enough Oxygen at Camp 3.

So, just in case I do not get another chance at this Internet terminal, here is the plan for the next 5 Days.

– Saturday (9/22) – Move to Camp 1
– Sunday (9/23) – Move to Camp 2 (this is a long day)
– Monday (9/24) – Move to Camp 3 (have not done this yet!)
– Tuesday (9/25) – Summit!!!! (return to Camp 2)
– Wednesday (9/26) – Return to ABC.

There is not much wriggle-room in the schedule, as there is no extra food or Oxygen for extended time up high. As I can not get to the Internet during this period, please follow along on the Alpine Ascents Cybercast.

We are all getting pretty excited now. So keep your fingers crossed for good weather.


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