Central Tasmania

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today was the day we made some serious ground towards the North West through central Tasmania.

First stop was Mt Field National Park and Russell Falls. Caroline was heard to say, “this is probably the most beautiful falls I have ever seen”. During the drive back to the road North we passed over Meadowbank Lake. And to our great surprise we saw a platypus swimming in the lake. The platypus was very shy and only surfaced for a few seconds each minute or so. But it was good to see one in the wild (so to speak).

The planned destination for the day was Derwent Bridge which is near Lake St Clair.  After a short and very cold visit to the Lake, we decided to press on as Derwent Bridge had very little to offer.  Just a pub and some over priced cabins. Lake St Clair is famed in Australia as it is the end of the Overland Track, which is the most famous walking track in Australia.

We ended up in Queenstown. On the way stopped at Nelson Falls, which are also quite pretty. Checked into an extremely average hotel in Queenstown (Comfort Inn Gold Rush). But had an enjoyable evening in the local pub filled with local yahoos.

Russell Falls and Mt Field National Park.
Lake St Clair. A very lonely place in winter.
Lovely evening colours of the high plateaux.
Nelson Falls. Again very beautiful.