Update on Sterlin

Talk about being frustrated.  But at long last Sterlin has left Los Angeles, some 62 days after he was dropped off.  In the end we had to switch to an exclusive 20 foot container to get things moving.  Shipping company has been a disaster.

Sterlin is now somewhere in Mexico on a little boat (Maersk Wolfsburg) making its way to Balboa, where it will transfer to another slightly bigger boat (Bahia Negra) and then head to Auckland and then Sydney.  It is now due into Sydney on 8/31, some 46 days after the original 7/16 date.

This has caused us to rethink our plans to kill the extra time.  So now, we head to New Zealand to catch up with friends and family and do a little sight-seeing.

Although this has been a frustrating process, at least Sterlin is now on his way.