King Solomons Caves, Mole Creek

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Had a wonderful stay in Devonport at the very up market B&B.  The plan for the morning was to visit King Solomons Caves in the Mole Creek region and a photographic exhibition in Launceston in the afternoon.

The cave was very compact cave but with very nice colors.  And being winter we were the only people actually at the cave at the time of the compulsory tour. So guess what, we had a private 45 min tour with the Parks and Wildfire ranger.  He gave good explanations but more importantly let us take photographs. The light strategy for this cave was very low level lightning to give it a dark and cave-like feeling.  But does make it hard to make good photographs.

The photographic exhibition a the QVMAG (Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery) was very good and chronicled wilderness photographers throughout in Tasmania starting in the early 1900’s. The Tasmanian Wilderness is an area that we hadn’t seen much photo off, so this was really nice.

Last night in town was spent eating, drinking and packing.  Tomorrow we fly to New Zealand.

Caroline at the entrance of the Cave.
Beautiful colours in the Cave.