Oyster Cove

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Left Hobart and headed South in rainy weather.  We were not going far, in fact only a few hours to see a friend we made during our 2011 Antarctica expedition.  Rod and his wonderful wife Jeannie live in Oyster Cove, which is a beautiful cove and gateway to Bruny Island.  Our drop in for lunch turned into a most enjoyable two night stay.  We spent the nights chatting about all sort of things but mainly about Antarctica and the various sub-antarctic islands.  Rod is quite the expert on the antarctic region with an impressive photogragh and book library dating back to the late sixties.  Rod and Jeannie have also visited Cape Adare on numerous occasions including a trip to dugout one of the historic huts.  I love these Polar stories.

As it rained hard all day, we stayed inside and near the fire.  Dinner included rhubarb and apple crumble with ice-cream (just like mum makes it).

We received news that our beloved car Sterlin finally has a sail date from LA and thus an arrival date into Sydney.  Unfortunately Sterlin will not arrive until the end of August.  So this night we made the decision to head to New Zealand to cool our heels for a bit and booked incredibly cheap air tickets (AUD$139 each).

Old train in Margate converted to sell Pancakes.
Stephen, Caroline Jeannie and Rod.
Monday, July 22, 2013

After the afternoon off it was time to become a tourist again and we caught a late morning ferry to Bruny Island.  Had a great day driving up and down the island, but mainly stayed in the car due to the near constant rain.  Captain Cook and other notable captains of the day made stops in this region to take on water etc.  At the southern tip of the island (or Cape Bruny) we experienced some classic weather blowing up from the South to get a true southern tasmanian winter experience.

Julie joined us for the Island trip.  Julie is a WWOOFer, which is a Willing Worker On Organic Farms.  Basically Julie helps out and gets paid in the form of food and boarding.  Julie was also new to the area and was keen to see Bruny Island as well.

Two Trees Bay. Captain Cook watered his ship here in 1777.
Caroline enjoying a windswept Adventure Bay.
Cape Bruny and the Souther tip of Bruny Island.
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The weather had improved and time to head south. We said goodbye to Rod, Jeannie and Julie and headed out.