Maria Island

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We decided to stay 2 nights in Triabunna, to be able to enjoy a whole day on Maria Island.  We had arranged the night before for our “free” ferry ride to the island.  We were interested to find out what the catch was, as commercial operators do not typically provide services for free.  Well, much to our surprise, the ferry crossing was indeed free, with the State government paying $35 for each person they take to the island (go figure).

We rented bikes for the day so we could enjoy more sights than if we walked.  First stop was the Painted Cliffs before the tide made it hard to access.  These are sandstone rocks with infused minerals providing beautiful colors.  Next was the Fossil Cliffs, which plunge vertically into the sea and provide panoramic views.  Lastly was a visit to the old township of Darlington which served as one of many Australia’s convict sites and is also a World Heritage Site.

There is a rich wildlife scene on the island including the Cape Barren Goose which was nearly wiped out but is now off the endangered list.  There is also a Tasmanian Devil translocation project where they have moved 14 healthy Devils onto the island so they may naturally breed and be free of the nasty tumor disease that’s killing them.

Painted Cliffs
More Painted Cliffs
Cape Barren Goose