Camp 306

Day 14

Left earlier with hopes to take it more slowly. It is not in my nature to walk slowly, and nature is hard to change. But after two weeks on trail, I feel I am starting to slow down. I planned to take a side-detour and stop at Okura Beach, where there is a shop. It is 1.5 kms off-trail, but the shop will most likely sell snacks. There is also a beach there, and planned to spend time relaxing over lunch. My plans were upset a little by some un-forecasted light rain. By the time I decided to put on my rain-coat, it had passed over. This would be a recurring theme for the rest of the day. The nice farmland scenery made up for this little nuisance.

At the next bay (Helena Bay), I bumped into Ruth and Elliot who had found a nice park bench overlooking the Ocean. They left and I had the bench all to myself. This is when Steffen (Germany), Marije (The Netherlands) and Maude (France) showed up. They had just hitched from The Farm after doing the Kayak. We chatted briefly, and then they were off. But I would see them again for the rest of my trip.

The trail after Helena Bay was quite the slog through native bush. Very beautiful, but not that easy. It was all rewarded with Camp 3061, which was a small open space with a bench, some flat land and an almost empty water tank. The farmer left eggs which we could purchase, and which I did.

Snacks at Okura Beach.
Jandal Paradise at Okura Beach.
Hiding from the rain in a disused concrete bus shelter
Helena Bay bench.
Camp 306. Simple, but enough.
Eggs and oil. Very thoughtful.
Poached eggs for breakfast.
Pacific Ocean.
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